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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What you didn't see! LOVE & HIP HOP's Tara goes in on Peter & Amena! Nya & Erika spit rachet lines at each other!


  1. What Peter did was definitely dirty, HOWEVER... ppl will only do what YOU ALLOW THEM TO, so Tara can really only be pissed at HERSELF!! After 13yrs, two kids, and a lifetime worth of drama, IN THE END, he chose to marry a 'jump'off' just to keep from losing her - those were HIS OWN WORDS... "I married Amina because I fell in love with her, and she was pressuring me to prove I was committed to our relationship, so I MARRIED HER SO I WOULDN'T LOSE HER". 13yrs and 2 kids don't mean ish to a man who never intended to spend his life with you anyway. Be mad at yourself, Tara for sticking around and waiting for an outcome you KNEW would eventually come one day... #SorryButThatsTheTruth!!

  2. I agree! These women get mad at their own action and I too have been the blame for my own misery at one point but not for 13 years maybe 13 days! Lol

  3. This triangle in reality tv has my jaw dropped. I thought Evelyn dropped my jaw telling Tami she was with her husband...but this is next level creepiness. I'm intrigued though by Peter. It's rare to come across a man who will allow himself to be pressured into marriage. So, I'm like what's weakish about Peter? Did Tara ever pressure him to get married? Just wow at relationships built on not much.

  4. I think Tara gave him too much, which left him room not to want the whole package. However, I also heard that Amina was illegally living in the states so he married her so she could stay. Peter said he and Tara were not having the best relationship, he was sleeping on the couch. LOL.. well this stuff is entertaining to say the lease.


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